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Strength and Compassion Eric Greitens
  • New York Book Festival, Winner for Photography and Grand Prize Winner

  • Foreword Magazine Book of the Year, Gold Medal for Photography

  • 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Winner for Photography

  • Silver Medalist for the Nautilus Book Awards for Art/Photography Book

  • Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for Best Photography Book


Strength & Compassion
Photographs and Essays by Eric Greitens

Forward by
Paul Rusesabagina

Introduction by Bobby Muller

Strength and Compassion unites the remarkable humanitarian photography of Eric Greitens, renowned for his award-winning work across various countries including Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, the Gaza Strip, Croatia, and Bolivia, with a collection of thought-provoking essays. This composition pairs captivating images with insightful discussions on pivotal themes such as strength, compassion, dignity, courage, faith, time, hope, and empathy. 

Holocaust survivor Nesse Godin praises Strength and Compassion for its ability to illuminate the possibility of kindness even in the most daunting circumstances, inspiring action and making a difference. In a delicate balance of brutality and beauty, the book emerges as a conduit for wisdom, rekindling our empathy and equipping us with the audacity to face life with boldness. Despite the diverse locations and struggles depicted, a common thread emerges - in times of profound adversity and evil, individuals who possess strength and compassion can endure with courage.


The pages bear witness to the indelible consequences of violence and war, while also magnifying the extraordinary power of men, women, and children who navigate these hardships with dignity, and emerge with hope. Greitens' collaboration with and portrayal of vulnerable populations in moments of suffering, offers a profound tribute to the unyielding strength and inherent dignity of the human spirit.

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