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Books by Eric Greitens

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Strength & Compassion

Strength and Compassion Eric Greitens
Strength & Compassion
Photographs and Essays by Eric Greitens 
-Forward by Paul Rusesabagina
-Introduction by Bobby Muller

Combining Eric Greitens' international humanitarian photography collection–featured in the International Photography Hall of Fame– with a series of thought-provoking essays, "Strength and Compassion" offers a powerful blend of visual storytelling and philosophical exploration. Captivating photographs captured in Rwanda, Cambodia, Albania, Mexico, India, the Gaza Strip, Croatia, and Bolivia, are paired with compelling essays on qualities such as strength, dignity, bravery, faith, time, hope, and compassion.  This book presents a distinct perspective on how people survive and create meaning amid some of the world’s toughest trials.

The Heart and The Fist

The Heart and The Fist Eric Greitens
The Heart and The Fist
The Education of a Humanitarian, The Making of a Navy SEAL

"The Heart and the Fist" chronicles the compelling story of one man's extraordinary path of leadership and service as both a humanitarian and a warrior.  Eric Greitens' experiences on the front lines of war zones, refugee camps, and even in one of Mother Teresa’s homes for the destitute and dying, demonstrate the remarkable power of both courage and compassion. 

The Warrior's Heart

The Warrior's Heart Eric Greitens
The Warrior's Heart
Becoming a Man of Compassion and Courage

In “The Warrior’s Heart”, a captivating adaptation of his acclaimed memoir, "The Heart and the Fist," Eric Greitens invites young readers to immerse themselves in the gripping tales of camaraderie, resilience, and service. 


Resilience Eric Greitens
Hard Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life

Everyone has to deal with pain, suffering, fear, and tragedy in life.  Some people are able to turn pain into wisdom, suffering into strength, fear into courage, and tragedy into joy.  In this remarkable, page-turning book, Eric Greitens’ writes a series of letters to a fellow SEAL, sharing with him ancient warrior wisdom, about how every one of us can turn life’s greatest hardships and trials into our greatest strengths and joys. 

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