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Resilience Eric Greitens



“This book is a gift not only to Greitens’s comrades-in-arms, but to readers everywhere.”

—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Hard-Won Wisdom

For Living
A Better Life

Immerse yourself in the captivating wisdom of Eric Greitens, renowned New York Times best-selling author, Navy SEAL, and humanitarian, as he delivers a one-of-a-kind self-help masterpiece. This extraordinary guide transcends the conventional notions of positive thinking and self-esteem, delving into the power of positive action to overcome obstacles. The book takes shape through a series of heartfelt letters exchanged between Greitens and his former SEAL comrade, Zach Walker, who was grappling with the burdens of post-war life, including alcoholism, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Drawing upon ancient and modern wisdom, Greitens imparts invaluable insights on cultivating resilience in the face of real hardship. 

This timeless guidebook offers practical advice and transformative lessons that pave the way to clear solutions. Resilience tackles the universal challenges of pain, difficulty, and doubt, instilling a profound sense of hope and reminding readers that no matter their struggles, a flourishing life is still possible. Greitens illuminates the path to purpose, the confrontation of pain, the practice of compassion, the pursuit of a meaningful vocation, the importance of finding a mentor, the creation of genuine happiness, and much more. Ultimately, Resilience serves as an inspiring meditation, calling forth the warrior spirit within each one of us and empowering us to navigate life's trials with strength and grace.

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